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“Hey friend, you need to check your hormones.”


There are scary hormone imbalances lurking when a woman hits menopause–we know them as stereotypes of a moody, grumpy, hot flashy mess, but we also know that this stigma is unfair. When a woman’s hormones are imbalanced, it can cause what many like to consider the seven dwarfs of menopause–we’ll go through them, but not to poke fun.


When you’re feeling heckled by an irritant, it’s possible you’ve just met Itchy. Itching is a result of low progesterone and is one of the many symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


Next up is Moody, whose on-again, off-again behavior shifts you all over the spectrum of human emotions–one minute you’re crying at the drop of a hat and the next you’re biting your husband’s head off.


Leaky likes to take you by surprise, showing up at inopportune moments to underscore your laughs, coughs, and sneezes with a drop of urine when there’s not a toilet in sight. Leaky can also add to the unfortunate surprise by leaving you with urinary tract infections that only adds to your discomfort. We’re sorry.


We can’t forget about Sweaty, and that’s because everyone sees Sweaty at play. Night sweats, hot flashes, and drenched crevices are just an unsettling reminder that what’s happening is out of your control, not to mention you find yourself dripping wet without getting the benefits of cardio.


Oh Sleepy, we can’t forget about you. Many spend the night chasing you, only to feel exhausted. We know you are in cahoots with Sweaty.  


Weepy you’re just too sensitive. When you’re feeling emotionally all-over-the-place, turn your attention to Weepy. Weepy has a knack for making you cry when your hormones aren’t altogether.   


Wondering who misplaced your keys? Say hello to Forgetful. Forgetful will fog your memory, but no worries, once menopause passes, Forgetful usually skips town.


       Now that you have been formally introduced, RUN!


Just kidding, recognize how menopause can affect you and make plans to seek the right treatment to move through the natural transition in the best way possible.

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