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Poor posture, back pain, drooping, these are a few of the many issues women with large breasts may develop. Large breasts may also cause a woman to become self-conscious about her appearance. Thankfully, these issues can be resolved with a breast reduction or lift, which can also make it easier for a woman to lose weight if she so chooses.

Breast reduction is a procedure aimed at reducing a woman’s breast size and weight while also adding areola lift and size reduction. During the procedure, extra breast skin, fat, and tissue is removed. Any tissue that’s left is then used for shaping smaller, perky breasts. Though breast reduction isn’t necessarily considered cosmetic, most doctors will make it a point to ensure the breasts maintain a symmetrical and youthful look.

Also known as mastopexy, breast lifts share some similarities with breast reduction in that excess skin is removed and breast tissue is used for reshaping and raising the breasts. Besides sagging, these procedures are common among women whose nipples point downward. It’s worth noting that a breast lift won’t result in major changes to the size of a woman’s breast nor do they require implants. It also differs from a breast augmentation which is intended to increase cup size.

Scars may appear following a breast reduction surgery, but skilled doctors can make incisions in areas where these scars will be hidden when wearing garments such as a bra. Furthermore, the scars will fade with time into thin lines that are barely visible. There is also the possibility of scarless breast reduction by using liposuction to reduce the breast volume.

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