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Regenerative medicine is a viable form of assisting patients with their recovery efforts. To better understand this, we should first provide a basic understanding of what this type of medicine is all about. Regenerative medicine is a science involving replacement, engineering or the regeneration of human cells, tissues or organs for the purpose of restoring or establishing normal form and function. These therapies may assist with achieving goals of damaged tissue healing while also creating new, healthy tissue.

For breast augmentation or reconstruction recovery, for example, regenerative medicine provides significant results. Besides the improvement in the size of the breasts, patients may see improved skin quality and regeneration or regrowth of fat within a few months as the larger fat cells are replaced by new tissue regenerated by the large quantities of the tiny stem cells. The additional benefits of regenerative medicine can potentially boost recovery times, allowing a patient to get back to their way of life faster with superb post-surgery results.

At Gentera, we take a minimally invasive approach when it comes to our cell therapy services. Please visit the Boca Raton Cell Therapy page to learn more about the process and how it may assist with accelerating restoration and recovery.

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