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Birth Control Pills: can you live with them, or without them? We’re not all fans of birth control and for a pretty good reason. Birth control pills can do a number on the female body. Many necessary nutrients such as Folate, B12, B6, Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin C become depleted when birth control is thrown into the mix–and these vital nutrients are important for creating and sustaining healthy hormones. Many people believe that using birth control as a measure to relieve menstrual symptoms is a good thing, however, nutrient depletion caused by birth control causes far more problems and outweighs the symptomatic relief.

Put it this way, whether you’re using birth control as contraception or for menstrual relief, there are vastly better options available. If you’re looking to postpone the baby tract, opt for condoms, female condoms, or a Fem Cap which act as a cervical barrier. Diaphragms can also lower your chances of conception. Copper IUDs may be great alternatives as well. Talk to your doctor about which non-hormonal method is best for you.

Birth control is a band-aid on menstrual symptoms that are part of a larger cause. That cause will still be there when you come off the pill. It is much better to understand what’s causing your symptoms and take action toward healthier periods and a healthier you.

Cheers to a better you, without B.C.

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