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As part of the face, the chin plays a major role in your appearance. Chin augmentation remains a regularly performed procedure that is often done to correct a “weak” chin, creating a stronger jawline, or improving one’s facial profile balance. A weak or small chin may unintentionally cause the neck to appear larger than it is and undefined. It may also cause a person to appear as though they are feeling grumpy or pouty. Furthermore, weak chins may also cause the nose to seem larger in profile view.

A chin augmentation goes far beyond weak chin correction. A person may experience a facial expression they consider to be more pleasant and they can look forward to a jawline with greater definition. Adding chin projection using a chin implant can assist with balancing a person’s facial profile and may reduce the need to have a rhinoplasty procedure. There may be scenarios where a chin implant and rhinoplasty are both done to balance a profile and create greater facial harmony.

Chin augmentation techniques have evolved dramatically as complex bone and/or cartilage graft techniques have been phased out for simpler yet more effective techniques. It’s worth mentioning that chin implants do not result in more vertical length added to the chin, which avoids the risk of developing something akin to a “witch chin”.

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