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As a major part of your face, you may be surprised to learn how integral the cheeks are in comprising the symmetry, aesthetics, smile, and even the shape of your eyes. Because of how important they are to the overall composition of the face, cheek augmentation surgery can dramatically improve your outward appearance and may even improve your self-esteem.

Cheek augmentation is typically performed for a couple of common reasons including but not limited to defining and contouring the face, correcting any asymmetry in the face to create a balanced profile, or facial rejuvenation to reduce the signs of aging.

Cheek augmentation has evolved considerably from facial implants of the past to modern techniques that may utilize the transfer of fat. Using this approach, patients can potentially look forward to subtle facial enhancements that keep the face looking natural, albeit more symmetrical and youthful. Furthermore, these modern approaches reduce the chances of experiencing issues and they may also reduce the time needed to recover from the surgery.

The team at Gentera wants you to look and feel your best inside and out. We provide a broad array of procedures to enhance your natural beauty performed by our professional, board-certified team of surgeons and physicians.

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