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It Starts With A Little Twinge That Just Doesn’t Feel Just Right If You Are Lucky. But If Your Orthopedic Troubles Started With A Critical Incident, Such As An Accident Or Sever Injury, The Solutions For A Non-Invasive Tract Of Therapy Are Nearly Identical.



Orthopedic technology has advanced to such methodologies these days that a healthy conclusion to therapy doesn’t necessarily incur surgery or long stays in the hospital recuperating. With ESWT, or extracorporeal shock wave therapy, you can be in and out if the conditions warrant you are using this ground-breaking therapy.

Joint pain, swollen tissues, blood-flow restrictions and the like can now be treated externally with acoustic waves generated in the shock wave therapy sessions. As a non-invasive, non-drug induction procedure, you can be healed in an out-patient setting without complications caused by inflammation or swelling, typical of older therapy methods.


• Shoulder Pain
• Neck Pain
• Tennis Elbow
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Knee Pain
• Back Pain


Joint pain has always been a conundrum when it comes to the healing arts. Treatments in the past relied on invasive techniques that created problems of their own with swelling and inflammation. The body would then have to work twice as hard to bring itself back to a normal state. Orthopedic exploratory surgery, once a standard in the field of joint pain and follow-up treatment, can now be a thing of the past. The issue comes from the visibility of soft tissue in a CT scan, where damage might not be readily visible to the physician. With shock wave therapy, there is no invasive treatments.

Shock wave therapy relies on acoustic waves to focus sound waves upon the affected area, creating an optimal situation of transient cell membrane permeation. In doing so, therapies can more readily use the cellular structure to traverse the damaged pathways, increasing healing time and doing so without the use of drugs or surgery.

But removing the invasive nature of older methodologies, ESWT provides a simple yet effective solution to repairing joint tissue damaged by injury. Using the body’s intrinsic healing abilities, substances are exchanged between cells when in their transient condition. Therapies can now easily utilize the cells own structural design to travel between damaged paths, allowing for an increased healing time without the use of invasive surgery or drugs.

Without the invasive orthopedic exploratory surgeries of the past to discover the issues behind joint pain, inflammations are non-existent and the body’s own healing factors can focus on the task at hand.

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