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Fuel your body to thrive.

Gentera Med truly wishes to see you change your life in positive ways. One way to start doing that is by giving the body the right nutrition so it has the fuel needed to thrive. With your input we’ll come up with a program based around your lifestyle that targets your health goals.

weight loss, Nutrition & Supplement

Nutritional / Supplements

Professional products sent right to your home for maximum time saving! We’ll take care of recommending the nutrition and supplements your body will receive the most nutrition from while allowing you the choice to create an online order and have your supplements delivered to your home.

weight loss, Nutrition & Supplement

Diet Consultation

Are you considering starting a weight loss plan but you’re clueless as to where to start? Our professional medical team will help you determine a diet program based around your unique needs body and your lifestyle.

We have a variety of weight loss solutions and we’ll work with you to figure out achievable goals so you’re seeing progress every step of the way.

weight loss, Nutrition & Supplement

Weight Loss

As you evaluate weight loss programs, a good rule of thumb is to which one closely matches your lifestyle and body needs while still setting you up for the best odds of success.

Our goal is to make sure your health and well-being remain the priority. If you’re looking to lose weight, please get in touch with us to schedule a consultation so we explore what options best suit your needs.

weight loss, Nutrition & Supplement

Food Sensitivity

Have you ever felt off but you can’t pinpoint why it is you were feeling that way? Your body may be responding to a food you consumed that it doesn’t agree with.

At Gentera Med our food sensitivity provides a full evaluation and diagnosis. Schedule your consultation today to get started.

weight loss, Nutrition & Supplement

Micronutrient Test (MNT)

Gentera utilizes a SpectraCell’s Micronutrient Test (MNT). We’re proud to say this is the only science-based test able to verify and assess functional intracellular micronutrient state, which translates to an effectual approach to improving chronic illnesses treatment and prevention, all based on the patient. With decades of experience and countless patients that have been tested, we’re proud of our status as a leader in the functional micronutrient testing field thanks to our patented technology.

The Micronutrient Test covers all the important based and gives us a robust foundation for your health and wellness program.

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