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The process involved in cell-based therapy utilizing minimally invasive techniques involves the presentation of cells from another part of the body to an impacted area, the intended goal being restoration on an accelerated level. The stem cells will release proteins referred to growth factors which boost the damaged area’s healing, repair, and restoration.


What is Cell Therapy?

An advanced treatment which is surgery-free helps a person’s body to restore itself through isolating stem cells in one part of the body to an area of the body that may be suffering from an injury, disease, or inflammation. This process uses breakthrough minimally invasive techniques.

Thinking of the terms Regenerative Medicine, names such as Kobe Bryant, Chris Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, and Chauncey Billups may come to mind. These athletes as well as thousands of others have seized the advances of cell therapy, resulting in extraordinary sport injury recoveries, even severe ones.

How is this possible?

Cells are the central structural and functional units of all living organisms. Cell therapy uses cellular material injections. As for Regenerative Medicine, the goal is improving tissue and organ function that may have suffered damage.

To accomplish this, cellular material injections coming from a patient (autologous) or a donor (allogeneic) are used to address a multitude of different conditions. Cell therapies fall into either a Platelet-Rich Plasma or Stem Cell category.

Stem Cell

Stem cells are also referred to as the body’s master cells of the body. They can be found in different tissues and they take care of healing the body when it suffers injury. Through the process of self-renewal, stem cells will produce distinct cell types based on the needs required by he body. As the body goes through the aging process, it is unable to generate enough stem cells repair the damage as quickly as it may have in the past. By extracting stem cells, Gentera can concentrate injections them into an injured area to boost the healing process naturally.


Typically, stem cells serve five beneficial body functions::
1. They function as raw material to rebuild damaged tissue.
2. They encourage new blood vessels to be created (angiogenesis).
3. Healing is improved through the release of growth factors.
4. Cell replication means effects are multiplied.
5. Cell and body communication means a greater number of cells will reach the affected area.
Joint Damage

Soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments that may not be receiving enough blood flow may see tremendous results from cell-based therapies which are often used to treat orthopedic injuries.

Spine Damage

Because stem cells can be split into distinct cell types, they are an effective treatment for injuries dealing with the spinal cord, cutting down on the death of cells, boosting the growth of existing cells, and promoting injured cell replacement.


Hip joint cartilage rebuilding and regeneration may be promoted using stem cell therapy. Reinjected cells may naturally encourage the tendon, ligaments, and arthritic joint repair process for tissues or muscles that have suffered injury or degeneration.


Therapies may promote the regeneration of tissue that has been damaged as a result of chronic or acute wounds (including burns and scar tissue) while also managing the noticeable effects of skin exposure to ultraviolet rays which causes aging.

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