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A hybrid breast augmentation (also known as composite augmentation) refers to a breast enlargement procedure utilizing implants as well as the patient’s fat. This hybrid approach is often favored by women who wish to significantly increase the volume of their breast volume but may not have enough fat to achieve their desired result using only fat transfer.

Hybrid breast augmentation may be particularly suitable for women with asymmetry, who are thin or have chest wall deformities, like an indented or prominent sternum. A significant advantage of adding fat to a breast implant during a breast augmentation procedure is that the fat can be strategically placed in the cleavage and near the implant to create a more natural look to the breast by “softening the edges” so to speak.

Fat transfer breast augmentation largely makes use of liposuction, which removes fat from other parts of the body for purposes of injecting it into the breast. The procedure is also known as “stem cell breast augmentation”, a stem cell being a type of cell that can be developed into different tissue types depending on where in the body it is placed. These procedures typically result in small incisions, implants are not used and, much like a hybrid procedure, the breasts feel and look natural.

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