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Also known as rhytidectomy, a facelift procedure can help with improving signs of aging in the neck and face. These signs of aging may include loose skin and excess neck fat resulting in a “double chin” effect, jaw and cheek jowls, or sagging skin in the face.

A typical facelift procedure involves elevation of the skin and tightening the muscles and tissues below. Neck and face fat may be removed, sculpted, or distributed. The skin of the face is then re-draped over the face’s new contours, excess skin is removed, and the wound is either taped or stitched closed. The entire procedure can take about two to four hours and is performed with sedation and local anesthesia, which numbs a portion of the body. General anesthesia may also be used, in which the patient remains unconscious during the procedure.

When facelifts are performed by a skilled surgeon, there are minimal chances of the result causing the mouth to look wider or unnatural. Instead, the patient maintains a natural albeit more youthful and rested appearance. During recovery, the face can take about two to three months to fully heal. Scars are permanent but will fade in time and they are generally concealed by the hairline and the face’s natural contours.

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